Here are some of the incredible results people have had from working together and following a programme specifically designed for them.

Danny, 31

The photo on the left was 8 weeks ago, the one in the right is today. I am 8kg lighter but still working with my percentages for squat and press that was tested when I was 108kg. I’m now 98kg.

I honestly couldn’t recommend Lorne any more. Lorne is honest and direct, which is a must in an industry full of BS and fads.
I’ve hit my target weight in 8 weeks, my performance in the gym and general energy levels have been on point, now it’s time to maintain and work on getting stronger at my current weight.

I will be seeing Lorne for 12 weeks, but I honestly feel like I have bought a lifetime of knowledge.

Jack 'The Ripper' Bellingham

Professional Boxer

Lorne was my nutritionist during me last fight camp. His knowledge and attention to detail allowed me to cut weight without any undue stress on my body, which enabled me to train at the highest level – resulting in my third professional win. Now I wouldn’t start a camp without Lorne in my corner.

Sandra, 26

I have struggled to lose weight for the last 10 years. Working with Lorne has given me the support and belief in myself to finally lose the weight I so desperately wanted to.

Through our weekly coaching calls, his guidance and knowledge has made the process so simple, it really has been a life changing experience.


I will be honest & say that I was a bit sceptical initially, but, as per my initial contact with Lorne, I knew I needed to make some nutritional changes to enable me to improve performance. 
However, that scepticism was soon dispelled.

The program was straight forward and easy to follow, and combined with the weekly calls, easy to understand and gain clarity. I was expecting loads of additives & supplements, as you see from many online guides, and was surprised & pleased that this was not the case. 
I am amazed at the results I have achieved. Performance was my key driver for the program, as you are aware. This has definitely improved, and is still improving. Generally, I also feel much better in myself. I am definitely less stressed at work, which is a real surprise with some of the things I deal with!

I feel that I have gained some valuable building blocks, with regard to nutrition & performance, & shall certainly be continuing to put the lessons learned from you into practice”


One year ago, aged 51, I decided I needed to face facts! I was 103kg, unfit and unhappy. I had tried various diets and exercise regimes in the past but nothing had stuck. I was steadily gaining weight and felt that everyone else was “lucky” in that they did not face the same challenges. Then I met Lorne and we started to work together- within 6 months I lost 25kg and now a further 6 months on I am completing my training for a June 2018 Half Ironman.

Lorne has been the fundamental part of this transformation – his nutrition and performance expertise alongside an ability to relate to me has been crucial. I have a busy life and travel for my job – he has been able to personalise my programme so that I am always progressing – and this helps me remain positive about what I can achieve. Lorne has helped me to understand the importance of achieving a balance on food intake vs. energy expended- and that this has little to do with “luck”!

If you are ready for change and willing to put in the hard work then Lorne will bring out the best in you and become your essential partner in achieving your success.


Working with Lorne allowed me to re-calibrate my diet. The programme was simple and easy to follow and tailored completely to me, taking into account my job and working hours. I look and feel so much better and to add to it my performance has increased markedly. I am so happy with the results I have got and will continue to implement the lessons learnt going forward.


I couldn’t have achieved half of what I did, competing at a national and world championships without the guidance, support, education and tutoring on tap whenever and wherever needed from Lorne. A lifelong memory created with a year long commitment that hasn’t ONCE been dull, unrewarding or in anyway a drag. Variety, inspiration and motivation in abundance. Here’s to you super coach!


Working with Lorne allowed me to confidently prepare for my first show, the thought of competing was initially daunting but working closely with Lorne, he explained everything and was always on hand. It was simple and easy to follow and I stepped on stage feeling great.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again or recommend his services to others.


I have been trying to get to the Crossfit games for 9 years, working with Lorne in the build up to this years open and regionals, allowed me to lose weight, get a consistent nutrition programme and supplement protocol. I achieved my dream of getting to the games this year and Lorne played a large part in that for which I am thankful.

Luke, 33

When Lorne first presented me with my programme it didn’t seem anything special, some slight changes to how I already eat. Turns out those changes add up to a lot. Didn’t think it would be possible to lose so much Body fat, increase my conditioning and keep my strength.

Lorne was there with little tweaks and nuggets of information to improve my performance every week and sometimes it was just a reassuring “you’re on track and doing well, just keep going.” Money very well spent.

Rob, 33

Lorne taught me to find balance in my life, previously I would restrict and fight temptation, then have periods of over indulgence, but now I can have a beer at the weekend and not feel guilty, as Lorne has given me the tools to compensate in other areas so I can continue to look how I want. I FEEL great, thank you so much Lorne

Sam, 45

Your guidance was amazing and really helped me to focus on what needed to happen! Excited for what the future has in store, I cannot believe the difference, it is a real eye opener!

Hannah, 29

Thank you so much! It has been amazing to work with you and I cannot thank you enough!! I never thought I could look and feel this way and can’t believe what I have achieved and the amazing comments I have had! Can honestly say sending you a message was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Vikki, 36

You have been amazing. You know how to individualise for everyone, and I love that. Thank you so much for being brilliant!!

Nikita, 32

A big thanks to Lorne for getting me back on track with my nutrition. He helped me enjoy being sociable again and not worry about eating the “wrong” thing and then starving myself for the whole day or two after. Big thanks!!

Phillipa, 51

Lorne got me in the best shape of my life and gave me tools to continue by myself, so happy with everything we achieved, I cannot thank him enough

Melissa, 32

I wanted to lose my baby weight and all the weight I gradually piled on in the couple of years before I was blessed with my beautiful rainbow baby. I had a couple of wobbles along the way but I am so happy with how far I have come. A total of 21” lost and 9kgs down. I am not quite where I want to be but I feel so happy and confident in my body and proud of what its been through these last few years.

I’ve absolutely loved working with Lorne, he so much time to get to know me and what my life is like and made everything fall into place with my nutrition. I didn’t feel restricted and still ate out and enjoyed a few drinks. I will miss our weekly phone calls, if you feel like your training and not seeing results, you need this man in your life

Dani, 28

Best Decision I have made, thank you for everything.


Studying in my final year took over my life and I gave up my training and took to eating as a stress reliever! After getting in contact with Lorne he designed a 12 week plan around my life, personalised to me and my dairy allergy and taught me everything I wanted to know and more about nutrition!
I still ate out, I still went ou
t drinking some weekends and I learnt how to cook and make so many new meals! I feel so energised and back to my normal self!
Over a stone lighter and I am now ready to hit the ground running with a new training programme and I know exactly how to tailor my diet and my nutrition to my life whatever challenges come my way!

Couldn’t have done it without you Lorne!! Thank you so much for your guidance and help over the past 12 weeks!!
One of the best decisions I have made!


“I approached Lorne after struggling alone to loose weight after having my second child. I ‘thought’ I was doing well but I just wasn’t seeing the results of my hard work in the gym. I’m so glad I spoke to Lorne! Not only have I lost just shy of 2st Lorne has given me a whole new approach to food and completely refreshed my mindset.

I am the leanest and strongest I have ever ever been. I am now 4 weeks in to going alone after finishing with Lorne and my mindset hasn’t changed. I worried old habits would return but I’m happy to report they have not. I’m confident about my body, I’m confident with my food choices and I’m literally living my best life. Thank you Lorne”.


“You honestly gave me the tools to change my life, I can never thank you enough”


The 12 weeks with my fantastic nutritionist are done: I’m almost a stone down and the physical changes are really starting to show. What you can’t see though are the mental changes. It’s surprised me enormously how much I’ve changed – I feel I’ve done a complete 180 on my attitude and understanding of food. No more eating on impulse and instead stopping, thinking and making a better choice. I feel ready and confident going it alone and excited to lose the next stone and reach my target. Thank you so much Lorne!! So glad I sent that first email!


Starting on my fitness journey I was very unhappy with the way I looked and I how I felt. I was stuck between losing weight and gaining muscle and due to being consumed by information I couldn’t decide what to tackle first. Then I met Lorne, he set me on a task to shift weight and to get lean before making the jump to building muscle. Throughout our weekly phone calls and daily emails Lorne gave me the essential tools and knowledge to smash my goals. I couldn’t be happier with my progress and would highly recommend Lorne’s services.


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