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16 May

How many times have we all said that?

A client told me a story recently about when she had first started trying to lose weight (on her own) a
few years ago. She was trying a new diet but like most people, enjoys a drink on the weekends.

She had been having a really good week, Monday through to Friday she was spot on with her calories
and hitting her sessions. However, on the Saturday night she had a friends birthday party at the local
Chinese which she was feeling nervous about but didn’t want to cancel on, just because of her diet.

However, she didn’t really have much of a plan and when she walked in she was handed a
large Sauvignon Blanc.

One glass turned into two and before she knew it she was ordering her food.

She found it really hard to make a good choice from the menu, then it happened…

“Oh, fuck it.”

She ate what she wanted, drank more than she should have and next day she woke up and feeling
very guilty. She told herself that she had ruined everything and that the diet was wasted. The
hangover kicked in and it falsely affirmed her feelings of failure and drove you towards comfort food.

“I will just have today off, eat what I want then I will be back on it tomorrow.”

The next day she was not back on it, she hadn’t done her food prep for the week or been shopping so
she was dependent on quick, convenience food and before she knew it one ‘off day’ had turned into
fourteen ‘off days’.

Until she said to herself, “Right enough is enough, on Monday I will start again.”

Now I think we have all been here before, with a fixation on the idea that you must wait until the next
available Monday to re-start or begin a diet plan. It’s weird how our minds work, isn’t it?

I explained to her the fact that things really don’t have to be like that, it’s not a case of 100% on plan
or 100% off. Life will always get in the way of looking, feeling and performing better, you have to keep

The way I explain it to my clients is this; In a week you eat roughly 3 times a day for 7 days, so that’s
21 meals. If on day 5 you decide to have a Chinese because too many glasses of Sav Blanc told you
it was a good idea, then there is no need to punish yourself for a further 2 days, or 6 meals. That’s 6
more opportunities to get back on track. 1 bad meal out of 21 is not bad odds. That’s not to say you
can do it every week, but an occasional mishap will not undo all of your hard work, unless you let it.

If she had woken up on Sunday, stayed on track with calories or under eaten slightly for the day to
negate the previous night’s wine calories, the damage would have been limited. Better still, if she had
prepped her food and got ready for the week ahead, she would have more than likely lost weight
overall and learned a valuable lesson.

Is eating a Chinese and drinking a bottle of wine when you’re trying to lose weight a good idea? No,
not really, I think we can all agree on that.

Is losing 2 more weeks of your life to the up/down, start/stop rollercoaster ride of weight loss a good
idea? Hell no!

Yes, you can do some damage in one meal but no where near on the same scale as going off the
rails for 2 weeks.

You will never get it 100% right, ever, so an all or nothing attitude does not serve you well and is not
practical when it comes to losing weight to look and feel better.

You must keep perspective, one bad choice does not ruin everything, never has, never will.

If you do make a bad choice, get back on plan immediately, keep moving forwards to keep the scales
moving downwards.

Accountability is key, sometimes you just need someone to put things into perspective and help you
get back on track.

I will do the science bit, so you can do the simple bit.

16 May

I recently had a client sign up, and after we spoke to organise a consultation he said his girlfriend was

interested in being a client too.

She has had issues with her weight for some time and wasn’t feeling confident in herself at all and felt
that she would benefit from working with me.

Happy days I thought, I love making people feel more confident with their weight and how they feel
towards food which leads to better performance.

I’ve also worked with a lot of couples and it works really well, two people focusing on the same goal,
better food management in the household, motivating each other to succeed. It really helps drive

However, after sending her the consultation form, this particular girl emailed me to say she had had
second thoughts – she was going to attempt to do it alone. This really was not a problem, sometimes
people are just not ready. I wished her luck and said I was here should she need me for any help at

So I had the consultation with her boyfriend who is a really great guy, I then wrote his programme and
sent it over and we booked in for our first call.

Low and behold, I received an email from her the NEXT DAY, full of excitement and enthusiasm that
she had looked at his programme and loved the look of it.

She said she was really jealous and it was so much better than anything she had seen before.

“It looks so yummy and the portion sizes (weights) are all there! I’m impressed as when I did this with a coach in the past I had to figure it all myself!!!

I’m so so tempted to do it after I’ve seen all of his stuff!!!

My boyfriend had been saying that I won’t have the energy to train and given my past problems with food he’s advised me to get in touch again.

Could we chat perhaps!?

I kept my form… just in case :)”

Now you can imagine how happy this made me. This is the best kind of email to receive from a client.
As a coach it gives me a real sense of purpose and I’m proud of the work I do. The results I achieve
with everyone speak for themselves, but it’s great to hear it first hand.
I understand that it can be daunting to put yourself out there and explain to someone your issues with
food and why your weight is where it is. It may even be that you feel drastically uncomfortable
discussing your weight, but we will work around that and work together in a way that is comfortable for

There is no judgement from me in any way, I am here to support, guide and educate you on your

So get in touch today and lets start changing your life for the better.

16 May

I wanted to tell you about a conversation I was having with my godson over the breakfast table last

He’s nearly a year old and is a busy guy, he’s learning to walk at the moment.

We got talking about breakfast and he said sometimes he just doesn’t feel like it, he would rather
spend the time working on his walking BUT he said he was worried.

He had always heard that if he skipped breakfast, he would go into starvation mode and that
breakfast was needed to stoke his metabolism which would mean he would stay in shape.

I explained to him that there is no evidence for this and that if he needs to skip breakfast it will not put
him in starvation mode or effect his metabolism, it’s merely a myth. He was so happy at this and told
me that he can now focus the extra time into his walking.

It got me thinking, there must be so many people out there, forcing themselves to eat breakfast
because they think they MUST.

But that really is not the case, if breakfast does not fit into your life that day, no problem, I have lots of
clients who do not eat breakfast and get great results. Make your nutrition fit your life, not the other
way round, which will lead to you losing weight, looking. feeling and performing better.

I will do the science bit, you do can the simple bit.